Criminal and credit checks for landlords

It also uses TransUnion to pull credit reports which will be considered soft pulls if the tenant initiated it. RentPrep has a variety of customer service channels which include live chat, email, and phone service. Best of all, it has phone service available 7 days a week. RentPrep has a 4.

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Many reviews mention that the service was smooth, quick and answered many questions. Also, a major selling point was the fact they had licensed reps to guide clients through their issues. LeaseRunner is another tenant screening service that differentiates itself by having a la carte or report based features. Instead, they charge fees per applicant for a plethora of solutions like credit and eviction reports. This feature can be very useful for those that are on a budget and are looking to bootstrap costs while searching for great tenants.

It also provides free tools like automated rental ads to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Craigslist. These can be very useful as many potential renters scout out Craigslist and Facebook groups prior to going to large sites like Zillow. Landlords can take advantage of another free tool, which is the digital rental application. Since most people have smartphones; they can shop and even complete rental applications on the go.

Prospective tenants can also complete this application on their desktop computers as well.

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This can be cost-prohibitive for some, which is why either buying separate reports or looking for good bundle deals like the ones at RentPrep might be optimal. Also, it does offer two free tools which are automated social media ads along with a simple online rental application. Its credit report tool is very robust as it verifies an employer as well as previous address information.

LeaseRunner also has an intricate support system that has many helpful articles that answer common questions. These two features could really help this business serve more clients and rise above the competition. Per its review section, this vendor has a 4. Most reviews stated that the services were easy to use and comprehensive.

Many companies have automated customer service or have outsourced it to overseas workers with limited English skills. Both of these strategies can aggravate customers and cost the company more in the long run. This vendor is different from the rest as it allows landlords and investors to post their listings for free on the platform. Also, landlords can create flyers and other marketing brochures that will advertise their listings. Related to this, each advertisement will be pushed to other real estate websites like Realtor.

In fact, it boasts that landlords that use TurboTenant generally average 22 leads per property. Like many of the companies on this list, it prides itself on simplicity by having an online application that streamlines the process for both parties. Its listings are designed fairly similar like the ones on Zillow as they can show the monthly price, lease terms, building history, and pet policies. This allows the prospective tenant to have all the right information which will help him or her find the right fit based on custom needs. While TurboTenant has many strengths, it lacks employment and income verification tools.

Instead, it prompts the landlord to do these tasks, which can add excessive time to the process. Also, it uses TransUnion to run credit reports which are considered soft pulls as the fees are paid by the applicant. These reports will show the landlord if the applicant has any legal troubles, like possible disputes with former landlords.

11 Best Tenant Screening Services

The last option comes from a popular law website, LawDepot, but TurboTenant can help landlords find the right contracts for their needs. Prospective buyers can contact customer service via email, online chat, contact form or through a phone appointment. One of its best contact features is that it lets users schedule minute phone calls using a calendar-based system, which functions similarly to Calendly.

Per software review site, Capterra, it has a 5-star rating out 37 total reviews. Most of these reviews state the platform is easy to use and has consolidated features.

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However, it has received negative feedback for having difficult to reach customer service agents when calling in. Also, some people have wished that this system offered online rent payment options like LeaseRunner. Instead, it provides a consolidated score ranging from 0 to This score is based on many factors like credit scores , criminal backgrounds, public records , income verification, and eviction checks. Also, this figure comes with a recommendation to either accept or deny the tenant.

Unlike other competitors, National Tenant Network offers landlords online bill pay which can be used to collect rent and account fees. Like RentPrep, it also provides investors with large real estate portfolios enterprise quotes and potential volume discounts. This service can be great for those with many properties and who have unique, complex needs.

The OFAC or Office of Foreign Asset Control is a US government program that will show if a person has had a history with international crimes like drug trafficking, money laundering, or even terrorist activities. This firm has 35 offices throughout the nation and landlords can access customer support reps via email or phone during the week from 9 AM to 5 PM. Also, it has received mostly positive feedback for its fast, efficient and seamless processes.

Many real estate investors, like those that are involved in real estate forums like biggerpockets, mentioned that the service makes it easy to find qualified tenants. They liked the aggregate DecisionPoint score but thought the service was pricier than other alternatives. Therefore, budget-conscious landlords that want to see FICO scores should consider using a service like RentPrep instead. SmartMove can be seen as a more complex version of MyRental. For example, it offers three pricing tiers, but some tools such as the income verification features are more complex.

Proof of income can include current pay stubs and tax returns. After calculating this score, SmartMove will either recommend for the landlord to accept or deny the applicant. SmartMove has three pricing tiers which are the basic, basic plus and premium plans. These price points are more affordable than alternatives that charge upfront membership fees with add on services. The basic package includes the credit-based rental score and a national criminal background report.

How to Screen Potential Tenants – Questions, Credit & Background Check

The basic plus deal adds on the full credit report and national eviction report. Lastly, the premium plan has all the features of the former two but also includes income verification tools, which are very in-depth compared to what other competitors offer.

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Lastly, these features can be paid by either the tenant or landlord. However, it does let customers ask inquiries via the contact form. Some users thought that the team answered the form-based inquiries in a helpful and prompt manner. Also, others liked that this company uses TransUnion , which is a premier credit reporting agency.

Per Biggerpockets, it has poor feedback for some refund and buggy system mistakes. However, a client representative was active on this forum and offered to refund the entire amount based on this mistake. This shows that this company wants to do right by its customers by saving face. Real estate is an important asset class that can be used by business owners to grow their businesses as well as serve as another source of revenue through rental income.

So, it makes sense to use every possible resource like a tenant screening service to ensure that every prospective tenant is clean, financially sound, and respectful. Consider using one of the firms discussed here as this will likely prevent any unforeseen consequences caused by bad tenants. Access to information regarding the creation of a small business can help people plan wisely and avoid common pitfalls.

10 Steps to Running a Tenant Background Check

Best Tenant Screening Services — Usually, these can take several days to complete and involve conducting in-person interviews, pulling credit reports, speaking with past employers and chasing down public records. The first step in protecting your rental property is doing thorough tenant screening checks of every applicant which starts with reviewing your applicants credit report Cutting corners on your tenant screening could cost you thousands of dollars and countless headaches. AAA Credit Screening AAACSS provides the best background screening reports for employment background checks and tenant screening One can never be too careful when making a hiring decision or letting someone rent your property.

While criminal background checks are a great starting point, be sure to check a prospective renter's credit history — after all, you want to be sure a potential tenant will reliably pay the rent. Property owners typically perform criminal records and credit history checks on rental applicants. Remember, in addition to running credit checks, you can also contact the previous landlords to screen tenants Verify the dates of occupation by the tenant, the monthly rental fee, payments from the tenants, and any problems the landlord had with the tenants.

Receive online rental applications and perform tenant credit, criminal, and eviction background checks. Tenant background checks usually review a potential tenants' criminal history, credit report, and proof of income as well as eviction and employment histories. Tenant backgrounds checks are commonly used by landlords and property management companies to verify a potential tenant's identity and whether or not anything in past records might indicate a problem i.

A review of tenant screening services for credit and criminal background checks, with recommendations and warnings about Massachusetts limitations. Search this site.

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