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Click here for International Birth records. Fees for Passport Book. Regular Service. Expedited Service.

My Marriage Certificate Is Missing My Married Name. Now What? - Marriage Name Change

This fee can be Cash, Check, or Money Order. Passport Cards. Like the traditional Passport Book it reflects the bearer's origin, identity, and nationality and is subject to existing passport laws and regulations.

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The application for the Passport card is the same as the one for the book. Fees for Passport Card. Expedited Service-Approximately weeks from time of application.

Do I need a certified copy of my marriage certificate to change my name on my passport?

There are two types of licenses: a standard license or a voluntary travel ID. The voluntary travel ID is what you'll need to fly domestically without a passport or gain access to a military base.

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  • If you don't plan to do either of those things, a standard license may be all you need. You can renew your ID up to six months in advance of your expiration date. However, the commonwealth is staggering the rollout of the new technology, so check with your Circuit Court Clerk before renewing early.

    How to - Marriage License

    You'll need a host of documents in order to get a first-time standard license or a voluntary travel ID. You'll find a full list of acceptable documents here.

    There are a lot of options, so review the list carefully. There are options, such as a notaritzed letter, that take into consideration that some people may not have bills in their names.

    Changes you do not have to report

    To renew a standard driver's license or personal ID if there are no changes regarding personal information:. Still uncertain? The Kentucky Transportation is offering this online tool to help you figure out what documents you'll need. If your name has changed - for example, if you've gotten married - you'll need to make sure your legal documents match. Also, if you go by or use a different name on your bills - a middle name for example - you should get the bills changed to your formal name. There are various additional documents that people under 18 or under 21 may use to obtain licenses. For example, a parent or legal guardian form or a school compliance verification form.