Shelby county jail inmates in ohio

The inmates are crazy but don't let them get to you and just do your job. Enjoy working there.

About the Sheriff’s Office – Welcome To Shelby County Ohio

Working at the Shelby County Courthouse, under the Shelby County Sheriff's Office, is just a continuation of my 27 years of policing, only better because it is only part-time. Horrible administration but hard to leave. Once you get a job there, it is very hard to leave because of the compensation and benefits. I did have wonderful coworkers and truly miss that aspect of the environment there.

It is difficult to understand the lack of value that is placed on you as an employee. The sheriff has all control in regards to your position and will only allow you to advance if he "likes" you. I am thankful for this career opportunity. I learned a lot and meet many great people along the way. I take my hat off to the soldiers that paved the way in my early days because at any given time our lives could be in danger just as the same for those that ride the streets.

Shelby County OH Jail

The down fall was to much gossiping, favoritism and being over shadowed by they buddy system. We do not get enough-recognition as individuals because I still feel like that we are not respected enough as our counter partners that work on the other side with court system or oayrolsomeone may dislike you.

Productive and respectful agency to work at. It is an agency where everyone mostly gets along and respects each other. Leadership allows you the ability to police as you see fit and not micromanage. Its a good company ti woork for and retire from. I loved my job i learned how to be a supervisor in a housing unit with inmates and co workers who respected me the pay is good and shelby county is a good job to work for and retire from.

Welcome to Poplar! The actual job itself is not the problem. Overtime is offered since each shift is short. No one can leave out of the building for lunch or any other reason. If you take a day off, you have to inform them seven days in advance. If you leave the area for lunch or to find supplies, there are some supervisors who will make you write a memo of your whereabouts.

The environment is very dramatic and unprofessional. No one takes their job serious. Training is awful. There is a probation period for 6 months. If you do, just gain the experience you need and move on. There are opportunities to move up in other departments. Working here can be better.

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Management makes decisions without employee input. Promotions are not equally given. Pick and choose who they want. Pay is ok. I enjoyed my career with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office. I learned multiple skills; computer aided dispatched, computer programs, customer service, supervisory and management skills. Work was diverse, not typical. Working holidays were the hardest part of my career Management varied. Instructing and training were the most enjoyable parts of my career.

Poor management. Managers had their favorite; inconsistencies with rules and policies; no room for administrative advancement; understaffed and constantly pulled to work other areas. Fun pace to work I learned a lot on this job. Learned a lot by observing inmates. You can't judge people. It's not your job.

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  6. Every supervisor is no the same. You have think safety at all times.

    Face to face visits only on Mondays, starting Nov. 5

    Fun group of people to work with. I enjoyed working for Shelby County Sheriff's Office for 28 years. My boss asked me if I wanted to come back and work part time. To send mail to an inmate you can visit Jail Postcards. Many inmates may also be serving shorter sentences following trial, while others may serve time there while awaiting transfer to longer term state our county prison facilities.

    Each type of prison or jail facility will have different visiting hours and rules and procedures for visiting. Shelby County OH Jail is a county jail, so most of the inmates at Shelby County OH Jail will be post trial convicts serving medium sentences that that were too long for short term police department jail stays, but not long enough to justify transfer to a Ohio State prison facility.

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    You can leave comments and tips below about the best places to stay when visiting your inmate as well comments about any local service organization not already on our list of those available to help local families of inmates. Family members who suspect that their loved one is incarcerated in Williamson County Jail can now easily confirm it online.

    Shelby Co. Expeditor role looks to reduce number of jail inmates

    The facade of Williamson County Jail in Texas. Information like the name, middle name, surname, and birthday will be asked, so be sure to prepare all these. Search keyword. Share this page. Inmate Locator Learn more about how to get lower cost jail call services on our homepage.

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